2.75kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Levers

2.75kw Solar Installation, Newbold Chesterfield

2.75kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Levers2

West roof – Micro Inverter system

This installation was more complex than your average domestic Solar project  but not one to turn a challenge down, careful planning, use of micro inverters and space saving Canadian Solar Panels enabled Custom Solar to provide Mr Levers with the Solar System he wished for!  The roof area available comprised of three small but usable roof spaces over two orientations.  The design team at Custom Solar identified shading from a side roof section connecting to the adjoining property so the best option on this system was to utilise micro-inverter’s.  After careful measurement, it was determined that 11 panels could be fitted, using a physically small panel for extra margin.  The installation also required a complex scaffold bridging the adjoining property’s conservatory.  As the next-door neighbours were on holiday a week before the initial proposed installation date, we offered to bring the installation forward by a week, to ensure they would not be disturbed by the installation and fully completed whilst they were away.


“I had been interested in Solar energy for a couple of years but had some of the “Free Ones” view my property, they all said it was not viable, so I decided to get a few quotes where I purchased the system myself and unsurprisingly it was viable.  I chose two local suppliers and one national one, both the two local ones were pretty much similar in price, the national one was a complete rip off at nearly double the price.  I chose Custom Solar because they appeared to be the more professional and experienced in this field.  They did provide an efficient and trouble free installation, explaining clearly how everything worked, the 2.75kW system has been generating virtually during all daylight hours and I’m quite impressed. The payback on the system will be around seven years which I think is quite good.  I’m very impressed with Custom Solar and would definitely recommend them”

Mr Andrew Levers of Newbold, Chesterfield


System Size: 2.75kw
Panel Manufacturer: 11 x Canadian Solar 250w Poly CS6P
Inverter Manufacturer: 11 x Enphase Micro-Inverters
Estimated System annual performance:  2416.25 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum:  1278.19 kg
Estimated system worth over 25 years: £19,309.08
Duration of installation: 3 days
Completion date: 20/06/2014
Self funded by client – Mr Levers


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