4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-McGurk

4kw Solar Installation, Clowne Chesterfield

4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation 2 Chesterfield-McGurk

Array designed around existing Sunpipe

Mr McGurk contacted Custom Solar’s office team directly when considering Solar PV for his Domestic property, and of course we were happy to oblige! Our esteemed design team worked hard to ensure this 4kw system was as efficient as possible.  To combat potential shading issues from nearby trees, the array of Solar Panels were situated as high up on the roof as practicable and Micro Inverter’s were the perfect choice to optimise power output.  Micro Inverter’s minimise the effects of shading by allowing each panel to perform at their maximum potential.  The array was carefully situated around the existing sunpipe in the roof, ensuring no disturbance of natural daylight illumination in the house.


“With Solar PV installation prices generally dropping recently we started to investigate what we could now get for our budget. We had previously been turned down by two rent a roof companies due to concerns over shade. The shading issue is not as bad now as was the case when the ‘free system’ suppliers turned us down – new neighbours recently felled a distant 70′ high Leylandii hedge, a case of their loss our gain! We gathered four quotes and checked out all the figures and options ourselves. Custom Solar were not the cheapest but they were the only ones who listened to what we wanted and were prepared to customise the proposed installation to meet our needs. Their high level of product knowledge of the equipment available and their experience of a wide range of different types of installations was reassuring. All our questions were answered and they gave us the confidence that they would deliver to our high exacting standards. Early days still but we are pleased we took the decision to have solar PV installed and encouraged by production figures so far, despite the remaining partial shade”

Mr Alan McGurk of Clowne, Chesterfield


System Size: 4kWp

Panel manufacturer: Canadian Solar 250w Poly x 16

Inverter Manufacturer: Enphase Energy Micro Inverters x 16

Estimated System Annual Performance: 3372 kilowatt hours

Estimated System worth over 25 years: £27,213.48

CO2 Savings per annum: 1783 kg

Duration of Installation: 2 days

Completion date: 10/12/2014

Self funded by client- Mr McGurk

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