4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Stanton

4kw Solar Installation, Walton Chesterfield

4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield Split Array-Stanton

East roof Amerisolar Panel array

There’s something in the water at Walton! Another Eco-conscious Walton resident Mr Stanton chose Custom Solar to install his 4kw Solar system after comparing other companies.  We installed a split array of panels over both the east and west roofs of his property, utilising all the very valuable roof space.  At Mr Stanton’s request Custom Solar provided a 10 yr extension to the already above industry standard 10 year Samil Inverter warranty.  A total Inverter warranty period of 20 years provides real piece of mind.  The credentials of the Amerisolar 250w Poly panels installed on this system are also above the industry standard with a manufacturers performance guarantee of over 80% efficiency for a whopping 30 years.


“From my initial enquiry through to the final installation and commissioning of my system all the staff at Custom Solar were incredibly helpful and responsive. The end to end process was professionally managed and once I had accepted the quotation all timescales were to my requirements.  On the day of the installation the team arrived on time and went through the installation process ensuring I fully understood what was going to happen, they were a very competent crew and completed all the work to plan and my system was generating electricity the very same day.  The two main reasons for selecting Custom Solar were their competitive quote and the fact that they are a local company with an excellent background. I would strongly advise anyone considering solar panels that they get a quote from Custom Solar, you will not be disappointed and you will not feel pressured to go with their quote.  One thing has amazed me is how much electricity the system produces even on cloudy days!!! I’m one very happy customer :)

Mr Phil Stanton of Walton, Chesterfield


System Size: 4kw
Panel Manufacturer: Amerisolar Poly AS-6P30 250w x 16
Inverter Manufacturer: Samil Solar River 4kw
Estimated System annual performance: 3338 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 2946 kg
Estimated system worth over 25 years: £30,967.40
Duration of installation: 1 day
Completion date: 23/04/2014
Self funded by client – Mr Stanton

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