4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Pope

4kw Solar Installation, Walton Chesterfield

4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Pope

Domestic Solar array consisting of 16 x Sharp 250w Poly Solar Panels

Mr Pope was introduced to us through an online database of recommended Solar Panel installers.  After comparing quotes we were very happy that Mr Pope chose Custom Solar to install a 4kw Solar system at his home.  At Custom Solar we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our design engineers utilised a shading model to evaluate neighbouring houses and a poplar tree, fortunately this presented virtually no shading.  Our experts compared solar panel and inverter combinations on ‘PV Sol’ software for performance, which enabled them to design the most energy efficient system for the property.  The virtually optimal roof direction and pitch presented very high production potential from the PV Sol simulation.  The generation meter was installed in the under stairs cupboard to be easily accessible, and AC isolation was provided both next to the main meter for easy access, and in the loft for local isolation of the inverter.


“Having decided to investigate solar PV I consulted a number of companies for information and quotes. Like most people I was pretty unaware of the technicalities and so was wary of high pressure and misleading sales techniques – I had no such difficulty with Custom Solar.  From their first visit I was struck by their professionalism and integrity, their willingness to share the pros and cons (in relation to my personal circumstances), and the speed with which they responded to my subsequent questions; they were not pushy in any way.  As suppliers to some major organisations their commercial experience also counted highly in my assessment; and while not the cheapest they were very competitive on price for the quality of panels and equipment they offered.  The installation was seamless. Where feasible my preferences (eg for cable runs, positioning the inverter and the location of the generation meter) were readily accommodated. The installation team arrived promptly as scheduled and completed the work the same day; their courtesy and attention to detail was notable. Very soon afterwards I received all the relevant documentation (and the offer of assistance),  to enable me to apply for the feed-in tariff.  Customer service was excellent throughout and from start to finish I received regular courtesy calls and e-mails informing me of progress.”

 Mr Tony Pope of Walton, Chesterfield


System Size: 4kw
Panel Manufacturer: Sharp ND-R250A5 250w x 16
Inverter Manufacturer: Samil Solar River SR-3680 TL x 1
Estimated System Annual Performance: 3936.9 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 3482 kg
Estimated System worth over 25 years: £37,750.85
Duration of installation: 1/2 days
Completion date: 11/02/2014
Self funded by client – Mr Pope

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