4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield-Hoe

4kw Solar Installation, Wingerworth Chesterfield

4kw Domestic Solar Panel Installation Micro Inverters-Hoe

Enphase Micro-Inverter system

Mr Hoe directly contacted Custom Solar in his quest to make his home more energy efficient with the addition of Solar panels.  Custom Solar were more than happy to help and used our expertise to install a 4kw system, which will save Mr Hoe hundreds of pounds in electricity bills a year.  Our design experts determined by using a 3D computer model that this house had defined shading from the extension roof at the back and a large tree, we therefore recommended Enphase micro inverters.  It was decided with Mr Hoe to house the inverters inside the loft ensuring that any maintenance required on them could be performed without the use of a scaffold, a major consideration since access was through the property.  It’s good to keep a long term view on any solar panel installation. Monitoring from the Enphase enlighten system will give an in depth indication of performance of all the solar panels, as individual panel output is shown and location in the array, every panel can be continually monitored.


After we moved home we decided to install solar panels as a long-term investment in tune with our concern for the environment.  What we wanted from the company fitting our solar array was technical expertise resulting in the delivery of the best possible solution for our specific location at a competitive price.  Our location is less than ideal, being part shaded, but after careful shadow mapping Custom Solar proposed a micro-inverter based system that maximises energy capture of every panel even under difficult conditions.  The quote was competitive even against inferior solutions.  The quality of the components and bespoke installation could not be faulted.  We now have a highly efficient generation system which we can easily monitor for performance via web-link whenever we want”

Mr Andy Hoe of Wingerworth, Chesterfield


System Size: 4kw
Panel Manufacturer: Hyundai 250w x 16
Inverter Manufacturer: 16 x Enphase Micro-Inverters
Estimated System annual performance: 3333.6 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 1763.47 kg
Estimated system worth over 20 years: £21,150.85
Duration of installation: 1/2 days
Completion date: 31/10/2013
Self funded by client – Mr Hoe


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