38.505kw School Solar Panel Installation Nottingham-Beeston Fields Primary School

Beeston Fields Primary School Solar Installation, Nottinghamshire

38.505kw School Solar Panel Installation Nottingham 2-Beeston Fields Primary School

38.505kw array-consisting of 151 Trina Panels

Beeston Fields Primary School installation has two different orientations East and South, allowing peak performance in the early part of the day, matching the school’s consumption profile well.  The work was performed in term time, the scaffold being erected and dropped over the weekends, and Custom Solar operatives working around break times to ensure safety of pupils and staff. The School has a tile roof with a splaying edge, 2 rows of panels could be fitted in portrait.  Due to the length of the school buildings, the system was split into two meter locations.  This allowed the schools existing wiring to be used, minimising disruption and wiring losses as some solar power was connected into the far end of the building.


“I would like to thank Custom Solar for the installation on our school. The project went forward in a timely manner, with very little problems. I would especially like to thank the professionalism of your site staff”

Damion Oliver, Site Manager of Beeston Fields Primary School


System Size: 38.505kWp

Panel manufacturer: 151 x Trina Solar TSM-255-PC05 

Inverter Manufacturer: SMA STP8000TL & STP17000TL

Estimated System Annual Performance: 31428 kilowatt hours

CO2 Savings per annum: 16625 kg

Duration of Installation: 1 week

Completion date: 19/12/2013

Fully funded as part of the Solar 4 Schools project

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