45.825kw School Solar Panel Installation Nottingham -Butlers Hill Infant and Primary School

Butlers Hill Infant & Nursery School Solar Installation, Nottingham

45.825kw School Solar Panel Installation Nottingham2-Butlers Hill Infant and Primary School

South East roof panel array

Butlers Hill is a modern school and has very little spare space inside, to combat this potential issue the inverter model and location were carefully chosen by the design team at Custom Solar; compact high capacity Power One units were installed above ceiling height in the mains room.The Network Operator also requested that we limit the system’s output to 40kW on the inverter’s, as we were at the capacity limit. ┬áThe South East / South West split of Solar Panels panels allows a broad peak of production which means the system will perform safely under this limit.


System Size: 45.12kwp
Panel Manufacturer: 192 x SOLARWORLD SUNMODULE SW 235W
Inverter Manufacturer: 2 x POWER ONE AURORA TRIO-20.0-TL
Estimated System Annual Performance: 36097 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 19095 Kg
Duration of installation: 1 week
Completion date: 02/04/2013
Fully funded as part of the Solar 4 schools project

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