School Case Studies

47.75kw School Solar Paneld Installation Nottingham-Jesse Gray School

Jesse Gray Primary School Solar Installation, Nottingham

47.75kw School Solar Panel Installation Nottingham 2-Jesse Gray School

Flat roof array

Jesse Gray Primary School already had an existing 4kW system installed on the new extension at the school, so Custom Solar designed an additional 46kW system allowing the sub 50kW tariff to be claimed and therefore a G59 relay was not required. Creating an additional saving of around £3000 a year to the school’s electricity bills. (more…)

49.98kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Worksop-Ryton Park Primary School

Ryton Park Primary School Solar Installation, Worksop

49.98kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Worksop-Ryton Park Primary School in progress

Bespoke mounting system designed by Custom Solar

Ryton Park Primary School took advantage of the fully funded ‘Solar for Schools’ project in which Custom Solar designed and installed a 49.98kw Solar Panel system.  This free addition to the school will save them THOUSANDS of pounds in electricity bills every year.   (more…)

50kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Folkstone 2-The Churchill School

The Churchill School Solar Installation, Folkstone

50kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Folkstone-The Churchill School

50kw Solar Panel array-consisting of 216 Sharp Solar Panels

“We are massively impressed by the professionalism of Custom Solar who installed a 50Kw PV system on to our school roof during term time. Planning, preparation, communications, risk assessments, scaffold, installation, safe working and an excellent product and standard of installation were seamless. What more could we ask? Absolutely nothing.   (more…)