9.805kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield Tennic Club

Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club Solar Installation, Chesterfield Derbyshire

9.805kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Chesterfield Tennis Club

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“Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club decided that solar panels might be a good investment and a way of saving money, as the club uses a great deal of electricity during the year.  After approaching several solar companies and analysing in detail all the figures and data we decided that solar was a viable option and chose Custom Solar because, apart from being a local company they were also very competitive and their presentation was professional and easy to understand.  Matthew Brailsford and Andy Stone were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating throughout the whole process.  The installation, workmanship and after-sales service has been outstanding and extremely efficient.  Our 10kw system was installed and working within a day, with no disruption to the club or its members.   I highly recommend Custom Solar to anyone thinking of installing a solar system for their company.”

Barbara Langen, Director/Energy Co-ordinator


System Size: 9.805kWp

Panel manufacturer: Jinko 265w Poly x 37

Inverter Manufacturer: Samil Power Solar Lake 10000TL

Estimated System Annual Performance: 8304 kilowatt hours

Estimated System worth over 25 years: £54,990.59

CO2 Savings per annum: 4,401 kg

Duration of Installation: 1 day

Completion date: 24/09/2015

Self funded by Client






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