71.75kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Gainsborough Drovers Call Carehome

Drovers Call (Knights Care) Solar Installation, Gainsborough Lincolnshire

71.75kw Commercial Solar Panel Installation Gainsborough Inverter-Drovers Call Carehome

One of the three Samil Inverters

Adam Knights from Knights Care simply can’t get enough of  Solar PV! Drovers Call care home represents the larger of the two facilities within the Knights Care group to have Solar installed by Custom Solar.  This system will provide an income to the home for 20 years and profit Knights Care in excess of £450k.  Drovers Call offers personal and nursing care for up to 60 elderly people, with this in mind Custom Solar were tasked to provide a solar system that could offer the maximum efficiency for the roof space and help to drastically reduce the bills.  A 71.75kw Commercial Solar PV system was installed on the low pitch trapezoidal roofs over a period of 2 weeks to minimise disruption to the residents.  The 3 Samil Power Solar Lake Inverters were situated in a convenient loft space easily accessed by a fitted ladder and switchgear/metering were fitted inside a locked cupboard, both locations were chosen with the safety of the elderly residents in mind.


“Matthew Brailsford, Managing Director of Custom Solar provided me with all the financial information needed for me to make my informed decision to install solar on my care homes. The financial benefits are easy to see, and with my particular installations it meant that I was cash positive from day one. Another very important reason for installing solar was for future protection against ever increasing energy prices. Custom Solar have been incredibly professional all the way through from start to finish and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Adam Knights, Managing Director


System Size: 71.75 kW

Panel manufacturer: Canadian Solar 250w Poly x 287

Inverter Manufacturer: Samil Power Solar Lake 30000TL x 2 & Samil Power Solar Lake 10000TL x 1

Estimated System Annual Performance: 55,474 kilowatt hours

Estimated System worth over 25 years: £852,321

CO2 Savings per annum: 29,345 kg

Duration of Installation: 2 Weeks

Completion date: 17/12/2014

Self funded in partnership with Lloyds TSB

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