33.66kw School Solar Panel Installation Harrow- Heathland School

Heathland School Solar Installation, Harrow

33.66kw School Solar Panel Installtion Harrow2-Heathland School

One of three arrays at Heathland School

It is clear from the pictures of this school how steep the roof is, which might lead people to assume it would not be suitable for Solar however the Heathland School solar system’s production is more biased to the winter months than a flatter roof, which works very well for schools. Seeing as they are off for nearly two months in the summer – teachers before you start, we know you work very hard the rest of the year! ┬áThe roof being slightly east facing biases production to the morning, With its clear horizon views, we expect this system to outperform its SAP prediction by a high margin. ┬áThe inverter for this system was chosen as an Aurora Power One TRIO-27.6-TL, perfectly sized with its 30kW output for this system, and it was placed in the cool semi-subterranean boiler room to keep it protected from the elements.


System Size: 33.66kwp
Panel Manufacturer: 132 x SUNTECH 255w WDM
Inverter Manufacturer: 1 x POWER ONE AURORA TRIO-27.6-TL
Estimated System Annual Performance: 28274 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 14957 Kg
Duration of installation: 1 week
Completion date: 09/03/2013
Fully funded as part of the Solar 4 schools project


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