11kw School Solar Panel Installation Surrey2-Sunnydown Boys School

Sunnydown Boys School Solar Installation, Caterham Surrey

11kw School Solar Panel Installation Surrey-Sunnydown Boys School

During installation of the 44 panel system

In case you were thinking our installer’s had an aversion to the south of England here’s a corker of a PV system Custom Solar completed in Caterham, Surrey in the first year roll out of free Solar for Schools!  The roof of this school could accommodate 11kW of 250w panels. The slightly east of south pitched roof provides really excellent performance, for the size of the system. The overall design was simple in nature, to our installer’s delight.  The pantile roof was of a conventional design being easy to work with and the mains room at the school provided a secure, accessible location for the single SMA 1000TL inverter.


System Size: 11kwp
Panel Manufacturer: 44 x SUNTECH PLUTO 250W WDM
Inverter Manufacturer: 1 x SMA 10000TL
Estimated System Annual Performance: 9442 kilowatt hours
CO2 Savings per annum: 4995 Kg
Duration of installation: 1 week
Completion date: 23/08/2012
Fully funded as part of the Solar 4 schools project

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