‘Celebrate Chesterfield’

19 March 2014 | CustomSolar

Celebrate Chesterfield Event @ Proact Stadium

What a brilliant turnout!


Over 200 people attended this yearly event today to join in celebrating our wonderful town of Chesterfield. Nothing beats the smell of freshly cooked bacon at 7am in the morning!

Today’s event was a great chance to recognise the achievements of Chesterfield and hear from Key players regarding future plans for the town.  It was a pleasure to hear success stories of local businesses who are thriving from support/funding they have received locally.  Custom Solar together with a small group of Chesterfield Champions put forward to Destination Chesterfield the idea of providing exhibition space at this event for any champions who wanted to promote their businesses.  We felt this was an incredibly important opportunity to ensure as a community we understand what our fellow businesses do, armed with this knowledge we can promote local companies and continue to raise the profile of Chesterfield.  

The event was a complete success and enjoyed by all, and we will continue to work closely with Destination Chesterfield in our quest to promote Custom Solar, which can proudly call Chesterfield it’s home.  


Celebrate Chesterfield Event @ Proact Stadium

Managing Director of Custom Solar Matthew Brailsford @ Celebrate Chesterfield