How does a Solar PV investment stack up for your business?

14 August 2014 | CustomSolar

Many businesses approached the idea of commercial scale solar PV a few years ago when the financial benefits were deemed to be much higher but then shied away when the tariff’s changed, however the market has become far more accessible since 2011 with a very similar return on investment.

Solar system prices have fallen dramatically over the last couple of years and have now hit a stable price from which businesses can re-assess the project value and with tier one banks now comfortable with the performance of solar it has become an extremely bankable option. Custom Solar are commercial solar experts and as such have the ability to arrange 100% funding for clients, quite simply this means that businesses can look to install solar with no outright cost while still maintaining all the financial benefits. For many of our clients this means that they are looking at cash positive investments from the very first year!

Currently businesses have up to £500k annual investment allowance up to 31st December 2015 and as such, Solar PV is included within this allowance.  But how does this affect your business?

Well put as plainly as possible you can either pay the tax man or use the funds to invest in your company’s future.

Commercial energy prices have risen at an average of 14% over the last decade so by offsetting this increase and securing another income stream you allow your business to make the logical step of streamlining your costs. Let’s face it you either need to reduce your expenditure or increase your profit to grow your business, surely if both are possible in one project it is exactly what all businesses search for.

I think all business owners will find that a commercial solar investment not only stacks up but will fall into the category of a ‘no brainer’ (I hear that every week), it costs nothing to find out more but the cost of doing nothing continues to rise at a relentless pace.

Choosing a commercial solar investment isn’t a quick and simple decision but here at Custom Solar we will talk to you honestly and help you assess viability of your building / project.

So maybe now is the time for you to explore this option once again and move it from the back burner.


Matthew Brailsford, Managing Director.