AF Switchgear

About the client

AF Switchgear is one of the UK’s largest switchgear manufacturers and sets the standard for LV Switchgear and Power Distribution.

Drivers for the Project

Working with some of the world’s most recognisable names, AF Switchgear were keen to display their green ambitions by turning to solar power and show their intentions to be prepared for the future challenges of energy supply.


The site based in Nottinghamshire is divided by a public access road and includes four separate buildings. To address the split electrical demand Custom Solar completed a half hourly electrical analysis across the entire site in order to understand the real-time demand whilst also making an assessment on future electrical need.

The Solution

Custom Solar completed DNO connection requests for all four buildings and negotiated an increased connection on the building with the largest and most constant electrical demand. 299 solar panels were installed, achieving a 77.74kW system to supply the welding factory and assembly centre with year-round power. These systems not only feed into the existing electrical network but also supply instantaneous generation data to AF Switchgear’s monitoring platform.

The Result

The solar PV system at AF switchgear has reduced the monthly expenditure on electricity but has also acted as a springboard for the launch of an all-electric car fleet. Demonstrating both of these points has also secured and extended a number of client framework agreements.

Client Testimonial

Matthew Brailsford, Managing Director, Custom Solar said:

“Custom Solar is very proud to have been chosen as the installation partner for AF Switchgear after a rigorous tender process. It truly is the start of an exciting partnership that will see both companies working together when designing switchgear for future commercial size solar PV systems.”

Project details

System size
77.74 KWP
Panel Type
260W Poly
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
62,192 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
17,246 kg
Completion date
April 2016
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