Airedale Chemical

About the client

Airedale Chemical is an industry-leading supplier and manufacturer of commodity chemicals, surfactants, phosphates, and phosphonates. As a 3rd generation family business, they have built a reputation around 4 core values — innovation, quality, trust, and building relationships. Airedale Chemical manufacture and supply over 200 different products, including commodity chemicals, as well as servicing 7 core industry sectors with chemical supply and bespoke technical support.

Drivers for the project

Airedale Chemical strives to achieve renewable clean energy, and by investing in this solar installation project, they have the ability to create renewable energy from their own source, whilst being able to sell some of it back to the National Grid.


Despite the challenges we all face with COVID-19, we are extremely proud to have been able to continuously deliver successful projects like Airedale Chemical. Custom Solar’s number 1 priority was to ensure that all guidelines were followed and the health and safety of the team come first. A safety system was developed that would allow social distancing measures to be put in place and PPE to be worn at all times, wherever necessary.

The site in Keighley has 5 separate connection points to the grid, and each required an application to connect generation. Due to limitations in the upstream grid network Custom Solar had to size each system carefully to maximise the export allowed and also match this to each building’s consumption. The largest connection was also set up to dynamically damp down generation to stay under the export limit. Based on the half-hourly consumption data, this export limit will very rarely be reached.

During installation, the site was fully operational and at a busy period. Custom Solar planned installation activities around the customer’s operations to ensure we didn’t impact production.


Regardless of the impact COVID-19 has had, Custom Solar delivered 263.73 kWp of Solar across 4 roofs and split into separate 5 systems. This will generate 198,595 kWh per annum, enough to generate energy for 57 residential homes for the year. The 263.73 kWp system will also reduce carbon emissions by 55 tonnes, equal to 7,014,272 smartphones charged.


Custom Solar operates and maintains all of the systems across Airedale Chemical providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance, and annual scheduled service visits.

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Project details

System size
263.73 KWP
Panel Type
Number of panels
360w Poly
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
198,595 KWH
CO2 Savings over 25 years
1266 Tonnes
Completion date
November 2020

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