Chesterfield Tennis Centre

About the client

Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club is a local tennis centre providing high-class facilities enjoyment by all age groups.

Drivers for the project

The tennis club initially made contact with Custom Solar to assess the viability of solar for canopy roof as they believed that to be the most likely area to be considered for solar. The dream was to operate an off-grid tennis centre and attract a younger age group to the sport.


The canopy roof itself, although weatherproof, did not have the weight-bearing capacity to support any further weight. Another area was required to achieve the dream.


Custom Solar installed 37 panels onto the factory roof totalling 9.8kw. The solar system sits directly onto a flat roof extension and is held in place by carefully designed ballast system which considers the roof substructure.


The solar PV system has allowed the tennis centre to achieve their dream and on a summers day, the actual export excess energy back to the local grid.


Barbara Langen, Director, Chesterfield Tennis Lawn Tennis Club said:

“Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club decided that solar panels might be a good investment and a way of saving money, as the club uses a great deal of electricity during the year.  After approaching several solar companies and analysing in detail all the figures and data we decided that solar was a viable option and chose Custom Solar because, apart from being a local company they were also very competitive, and their presentation was professional and easy to understand. 

Matthew Brailsford and Andy Stone were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating throughout the whole process.  The installation, workmanship and after-sales service have been outstanding and extremely efficient.  Our 10kw system was installed and working within a day, with no disruption to the club or its members.   I highly recommend Custom Solar to anyone thinking of installing a solar system for their company.”

Project details

System size
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
8,304 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
2,303 KG
Completion date
April 2015
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