Corrugated Case Company

About the client

The Corrugated Case Company is a UK independent cardboard box manufacturer specialising in the design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard and fibreboard transit packaging and promotional material.

Having built up a reputation since 1996 for outstanding levels of service, quality workmanship and technical ability we are constantly reinvesting in the latest technologies so they can continue to be one of the leading companies in their field. 

Drivers for the project

Environmental excellence is in the heart of CCC and something that is a leading message that the company portray. Already working to stringent recycling rules and advancing their techniques in production, solar was seen as the missing piece of the puzzle to truly offer an environmentally friendly product to their clientele.


The site based in Chesterfield sees an enormous amount of operation on a daily basis with a constant flow of traffic around the building. Any access to the roof needed to be 100% safe and not in the ‘danger zone’ for vehicles. Planning consent was also required for this installation which added one more hurdle prior to installation.


Prior to installation the local planning department was consulted and all designs pre-approved, this allowed the planning consent to be granted and work commences.

Custom Solar assessed many options when considering the safest way to work on the roof surface but also remove the risk of collision at ground level. It was decided that an on-roof harness system was to be utilised and Custom Solar staff worked from fixed length ropes to undertake the solar panel installation.


The solar PV system at CCC has drastically reduced the monthly expenditure on electricity and has added to the considerable offering of such an environmentally friendly company.


Andy Levers, Finance Director for CCC said:

“We had been considering installing a Solar PV system for the last couple of years, but the time wasn’t right for us until recently when you look at the figures the systems tend to be cash positive the system paying for itself with a payback period of about 10 years including maintenance cost. We obtained the usual number of quotes most were around the same price with just a few over the top as usual, the quotes were from local and national companies, when we finished reviewing them it was decided that it would be in our best interests to go with a local company that had a good reputation and selected Custom Solar of Chesterfield.

Custom Solar met with us and completed a thorough detailed survey of the premises to ensure that there would be no problems installing our 100kw system. They provided help and assistance in completing all the required paperwork involved, the installation went very smoothly with them complying with all our health and safety requirements and concerns, there was minimal disruption to the day to day workings in our very busy factory and yard. The installation took just over two weeks and that included some bad weather where they couldn’t work, we have noticed a substantial reduction in our first electric bill, the first of many, so let’s hope for a nice sunny summer and autumn!”

Project details

System size
Panel Manufacturuer
Number of panels
Inverter manufacturuer
Annual system generation
87,799 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
24,347 KG
Completion date
November 2015
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