Dunston Innovation Centre

About the client

Chesterfield Borough Council owns and operates many buildings around the town, one of these flagship buildings is the Dunston Innovation Centre.

Drivers for the project

Chesterfield Borough Council has always been forward thinking and has wanted to provide innovative business centres to nurture the next wave of SME’s. The innovation centre itself had incredible internet connection speeds and transport links and ground source heat but solar power was seen as the missing piece of the puzzle.


The building has a landlord supply, however, each of the 50 office units has its own metered supply, a way to integrate solar power was essential but required an assessment of the entire electrical network before work commenced.


Custom Solar installed 192 panels onto the curved roof totalling 49.92kW. The solar PV system feeds into the main building supply and this enables the power to be off taken by each of the 50 resident businesses. The panels themselves follow the curve of the roof and add a unique architectural improvement to an already impressive building


The solar PV system has given the borough council further resilience from the grid and has tuned the EPC rating of the building to an ‘A’. it’s these selling points that attracting the next generation of energy savvy businesses to the region.


Samantha Brailsford, Director, Custom Solar said:

“It has been a real honour to deliver such an interesting project on our doorstep, we are glad to support the council and also unlock cheaper energy for many up and coming small businesses.”

Project details

System size
49.92 KWP
Panel Type
260W Poly
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
42,636 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
11,823 KG
Completion date
April 2015
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