Knights Care

About the client

Knights Care is a rapidly growing care group with Nationwide presence, striving to offer a personal and individual service that is willing to go that extra mile in order to improve and sustain the overall quality of life, which will ensure they maintain their goal of being an outstanding care provider.

Drivers for the project

Knights Care conducts many reviews of their business not just from a health and care basis but also financial and risk. It had been deemed that energy procurement was an area of risk since each home has a 24/7 power demand and the cost of energy continues to rise.


Each home cares for a variety of different patients and demands and because of this Custom Solar staff had to work with staff to access the homes at suitable times and adhere t noise policies. Each home also has a variety of roof types and internal finishes which made routing electrical cables a point for consideration.


Installation across the care group was planned around suitable times and all access to the premises cleared with the home prior to each activity. The result saw installation across the flagship homes of the group with all cable routes planned around minimal disruption to patients.


Energy expenditure across the group has reduced considerably and the exposure to price rises has been curbed. The installation of solar also introduced a host of other energy saving measures which have allowed additional time and money to be spent on the core activity of caring for needy.


“Custom Solar provided me with all the financial information needed for me to make my informed decision to install solar on my care homes. The financial benefits are easy to see, and with my installations, it meant that I was cash positive from day one. Another very important reason for installing solar was for future protection against ever-increasing energy prices. Custom Solar have been incredibly profession all the way through from start to finish and cannot recommend them enough.”

Project details

System size
71.75 KWP
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
55,474 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
15,383 KG
Completion date
December 2014
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