About the client

Founded in 1955 as Sea & Continental Waterways Transport Ltd, Seacon has offered its customers ‘door-to-door’ transport solutions for over half a century. Seacon Group Limited is a private company, owned by the Roth family. The services are particularly suited to shippers of neo-bulk cargoes such as steel, metals, and forest products. These commodities benefit from the combination of specialist ships and handling facilities they provide at Northfleet in the Port of London.

Drivers for the project

SeaCon strives to achieve renewable clean energy, and by investing in this solar installation project, they have the ability to create renewable energy from their own source, whilst being able to sell some of it back to the National Grid.


During the initial survey, the skylights on sections of the roof were identified as needing replacement before solar panels could be installed. The skylights were no longer effective as lighting and without them, a significantly larger PV system could be installed. SeaCon contracted Custom Solar to replace the skylights with new metal roofing sheets as part of our installation, combining the two programs of work. The installation was completed more quickly and for less cost by running both schemes concurrently.


Custom Solar delivered an impressive 285.44 kWp system, which will generate 293,350 KW/h per annum, enough to generate energy for 83 residential homes for the year. The system will reduce carbon emissions by 81 metric tonnes, equal to 3,500 trashbags recycled instead of landfilled.


Custom Solar operates and maintains all of the systems across SeaCon providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance, and annual scheduled service visits.

Project details

System size
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
CO2 Savings over 25 years
1871 Tonnes
Completion date
May 2020