Smith of Derby

About the client

Smith of Derby is a world renown clock maker founded in 1856. The company is still family owned to this day and as such has a reputation unmatched across their sector.

Drivers for the project

Smith of Derby were keen to assess all option when looking at the future of the energy procurement, but they needed a low cost of energy moving forwards as they were feeling other strains such as the cost of materials and ageing staff. The energy needed to be reliable, efficient cost-effective and no longer a concern to the business.


The site based in Derby had multiple pitched roofs with skylights and vents for the industrial work that takes place below. Electrical connection was limited by the local DNO and access to the roof space was limited by a narrow car park and delivery route.


Custom Solar installed 192 panels onto the factory roof totalling 49.92kW. The solar system directly feeds the electrical switchgear of the factory and from day one grid consumption dipped to almost zero. Custom Solar worked carefully around the operation to ensure that day to day business continued as normal.


The solar PV system at Smith of Derby has drastically reduced overheads and has removed the reliance on grid power. Moving forwards Smith of Derby are assessing electric vehicles and other ways to utilise their clean, green energy.


Andy Stone, Contracts Manager, Custom Solar said:

“We are extremely proud to count Smith of Derby as a client as for us it personifies the perfect attitude towards a sustainable future and energy generation. When a 150-year-old business looks to the future again it is truly inspiring and it makes me very happy to say we will stand by the Nation’s leading clock repairers and restorers for the next phase of their legacy”

Project details

System size
49.92 KWP
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
45,286 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
12,558 KG
Completion date
November 2015
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