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About the client

SURE Solutions is a dynamic and culturally diverse business with a primary focus to deliver quality, innovative, and energy-efficient solutions to our customers in all aspects of industrial refrigeration. SURE Solutions innovate, design, develop, apply and maintain cost-effective and robust refrigeration solutions, working hand in glove with our clients to ensure optimum performance and plant longevity. They also offer round the clock technical support and access to an extensive spares selection, supporting all major manufacturer’s equipment.

Drivers for the project

EON Energy has partnered with Custom Solar to successfully deliver a 19.98 KWP system. For SURE Solutions this is a step in the right direction to going greener and protecting the future.


Often clients want their skylights left uncovered to provide natural light, but this installation was a little different. The building has a new false ceiling, so the skylights offered no light and were causing unwanted solar heat gain in summer. To combat this, we deliberately covered every skylight on the South roof. Now Sure Solutions can generate their own energy and spend less on air conditioning!


A SolarEdge inverter solution was chosen for this installation to give the client panel-level monitoring and a man safe system was installed for easier future maintenance where required.

The system will produce enough electricity (15,385 kWh per annum) to fully charge more than 1 million iPhones per annum. After 25 years in operation, the project is predicted to have saved 100 tonnes of CO2e, an equivalent of 517,493 fossil-fuelled car miles, 66 fossil-fuelled cars off the road, and 400 pine trees planted.


Custom Solar operates and maintains all of the systems across SURE Solutions providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance, and annual scheduled service visits.

Project details

System size
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Solar Edge
Annual System Genereation
15,385 lwh
CO2 Savings over 25 years
100 tonnes
Completion date
November 2020
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