Your Space

About the client

Your Space, based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, is a health and fitness club launched in December 2019. They have a welcoming environment, offering a range of classes at a good price, that stays with you for life!

Your Space recently relaunched themselves departing from their previous brand Fitness Flex to bring their members more fun and friendlier gym.

Drivers for the project

Your Space strives to achieve renewable clean energy, and by investing in this solar installation project, they have the ability to create renewable energy from their own source, whilst being able to sell some of it back to the National Grid.


Due to the curved shape of the roof, Custom Solar designed the strings running horizontally to ensure that panels on the same string were at a similar pitch. This was a more costly way to install but ensured the best performance. We also avoided using the very top of the roof where the pitch was too low to allow the panels to self-clean. Panels from the North and South arrays were balanced between each inverter to allow a higher DC/AC ratio and improve inverter efficiency in low light conditions.


To assist Your Space in achieving its goal for renewable clean energy, Custom Solar installed a 121.91 KWP (334 Panel) system, generating 86,081 kWh PA. That’s enough to power 25 residential homes for the entire year! The project will also reduce carbon emissions by 24 tonnes, which is equivalent to 1,016 trash bags recycles instead of landfilled.


Custom Solar operates and maintains all of the systems across Your Space providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance, and annual scheduled service visits.

Project details

System size
121.91 KWP
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
CO2 Savings over 25 years
550 Tonnes
Completion date
April 2020