The excitement surrounding electric cars shows no sign of slowing down. With major manufacturers such as Tesla, Nissan and BMW all producing cars for the masses, experts predict that electric cars will become the norm in the very near future. In preparation for this, companies across the country are beginning to invest heavily in electric car charging points for business use.

What are EV charge points?

Electric vehicle charging points are stations where owners of EVs can park and recharge the batteries in their vehicles. While electric cars aren’t just fantastic for the planet, they are the future of the automotive industry.

As a result, having charging points at the office is becoming an appealing incentive for many employees, helping them reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet.

Why invest in EV charging point installation?

A business or corporation that invests in on-site electric car charging points presents a fantastic opportunity for both the employer and the employee. Some businesses who provide delivery as a service may be particularly interested, as operating a fleet of EVs will significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

Likewise, EV charging points are also great for individuals or families looking to use their electric vehicles for their daily commute. Businesses can decide whether they want employees to pay for charging, therefore generating more revenue for the business, or offer it as a free service. This flexibility is a particularly popular reason why EV charging points are found on business premises today.

EV charging stations are also part and parcel of a general push to make a business greener, as the electricity needed to power EVs can be generated using a commercial solar PV system. With power being generated through solar, the installation of electric car charging points becomes an even more attractive opportunity.

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