Solar operation and maintenance are central to making your business’ investment in solar energy go further. With ongoing preventative maintenance and regular inspections, your commercial solar system can work close to maximum efficiency, increasing your on-site generation, lowering electricity bills and helping create a greener working environment for the future.

Why invest in O&M?

Custom Solar has been helping customers to save energy since 2010 and maintain some of the Countries largest Solar PV portfolios and that experience means no other company is better placed to maintain your investment for the years ahead.

Even the best designed and installed Solar PV installations can occasionally develop faults and experience failure, much like any electrical system. Custom Solar’s Operation & Maintenance service is the solution. We can remotely monitor the performance of your system and, in the event that something goes wrong, one of our experienced engineers can diagnose and repair system faults in order to return your system to normal operation quickly and efficiently. Combined with scheduled visits, the service is designed to maximise your savings from an installation with minimal effort on your part.

Solar Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service work will reduce the likelihood of preventable system downtime, further ensuring your energy needs will be met and cost savings will be provided. Although the panels are coated with self-cleaning glass, depending on your environment you may find that your panels may periodically require a professional clean to remove heavy soot, bird soiling or other debris. We can also provide grounds maintenance services to ground mounted systems.

Solar Monitoring

Through a bespoke digital monitoring tool, our systems can monitor your energy generation remotely. We can also see the string performance to allow us to identify panels – both groups and individual – that are not performing optimally, ensuring we can book repair work quickly to resolve the issue.

Service & Repair

We offer a variety of service packages to ensure your solar PV system is in optimum working order. Inverters may require occasional attention or replacement, that we can schedule for you, to minimise the impact on your generation. In addition, we will check the mounting, electronics, and any other fixtures and fittings to ensure that your solar panels are secure and everything is in place for safe operation.


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ABP Port of Southampton

Custom Solar operate and maintain all of the systems across the port providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance and annual scheduled service visits. To date the system has overperformed by 10% against predicted yields.

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