We at Custom Solar are renowned for our award-winning projects. By working hard to design plan and safely deliver unique solar installations for our clients, we have developed a reputation as an industry leader for solar PV solutions.

Through working with many different clients and challenging environments over the years, we have crafted our own solar energy process to ensure that we deliver world-class service to all of our clients.

1. Survey

The first step of our solar energy process is surveying your site. We will send a highly qualified renewable energy engineer to assess the suitability and placement of solar panels on your building. We will check to see whether the roof receives enough sunlight for the solar panels to be viable across the year. This will depend on the pitch, direction, location and layout of your roof, including windows and obstructions. If your building’s roof is covered in a network of HVAC pipes or chimneys, we can advise you on how best to place your solar panels to avoid shade from the Sun.

2. Design

Once the initial details have been discussed, the next step is to specify the best solar PV energy solution for your site. Our design process covers the fundamental considerations for solar panels, including their location, angle and direction. We also look specifically at the other required equipment, such as inverters, meters and any additional monitoring you may want us to install. We then liaise with you to provide a contract with all the necessary details for your project.

3. Installation

After laying out the plans for the project, we begin the installation. We strive to integrate our project delivery program with our clients’ operations so as to not disturb them.  As we take health and safety very seriously, we erect the necessary access to ensure both our technicians and contractors are kept safe. The way in which we affix the solar panels depends on the type of roof we are working with. We then carry out all of our electrical and safety inspections to ensure the panels are working as they should.

4. Maintenance

The final step to our solar energy process is to provide operation and maintenance services. At Custom Solar we want our customers to benefit fully from the benefits of solar energy. We, therefore, recommend inviting our specialists to conduct regular inspections and remote monitoring.


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