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Originating from letters patent granted to the University of Cambridge by Henry VIII in 1534. Cambridge University Press is both the oldest publishing house in the world and the oldest university press and has been producing books continuously since the first University Press book was printed.

Drivers for the project

Cambridge University Press are committed to reducing their impact on the environment through careful management of their activities, products and services. For the past ten years they have held certification to the Environmental Management System Standard ISO14001. Yearly monitoring their carbon emissions to help evaluate and further improve their environmental performance.
During 2017–18 they discussed the development of a long-term carbon reduction strategy that would cover the decades to 2050, dividing and prioritising their goals into the three different ‘scopes’, or categories defined by the ‘Greenhouse Gas Protocol’, a standard that helps countries and cities track progress toward climate goals. They also re-evaluated their internal and external environmental risks and opportunities and examined the possibility of introducing solar panels on flat roof areas of the Shaftesbury Road headquarter.

With the help of Custom Solar’s expertise, this possibility became reality.


As part of the grid approval Custom Solar need to limit the export capacity to 100kw, this was achieved by utilising smart meter dynamic limiting.


The system is extremely unique because it has over 500kw installed onto the flat roof surface with an East / West facing orientation making it one of the UK’s largest flat roof installations.


The solar PV system has massively contributed to Cambridge University Press’s long-term carbon reduction strategy by avoiding on average 232,985kg CO2 emissions PA and reducing their daily energy demand by 25%. Due to this success they have already decided to increase the system further working with Custom Solar to identify opportunities.

To date the system has already performed above its predicted yield by 10% year to date.

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Project details

System size
547.68 KWP
Panel Type
280W Poly
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
439,596 KWH
CO2 Savings per annum
121,900 KG
Completion date
April 2019

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