Lincolnshire Police

About the client

Lincolnshire Police are a constabulary working under the government’s legislation to protect the Lincolnshire area. They set to empower and involve communities working to prevent and reduce harm. Lincolnshire Police have a set of clear internal values and behaviours which support all our policing services.

Drivers for the project

Lincolnshire Police strives to achieve renewable clean energy, and by investing in this solar installation project, they have the ability to have renewable energy from their own source, with the force now using electric vehicles as part of their fleet, it was time to increase their investment in renewable energy.


Every Police station has a diesel generator and UPS backup power. They present a challenge because Solar systems run the risk of back-feeding the generator if generation is higher than the site’s electrical demand. To protect these systems Custom Solar installed contactors to disconnect the Solar in the event of a power outage, and they automatically reconnect when grid power returns.

For the installation at Lincolnshire Police Headquarters, the DNO required us to prevent any export of power to the grid. This was achieved through the Inverter manufacturer’s G100 approved export limiting capabilities and an additional failsafe relay monitoring the HV connection point.

Working in secure environments such as police stations brings additional security concerns. All of Custom Solar’s operatives were vetted and security cleared before we commenced work.

This project was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, displayed a variety of challenges. Custom Solar is very proud to have been able to continuously deliver successful projects like Lincolnshire Police. Custom Solar’s top priority was to make certain that all guidelines were followed and the health and safety of the team come first. To achieve this Lincolnshire Police worked alongside Custom Solar to develop a safety system that would coincide with social distancing rules, as well as wearing PPE.


The stations’ electrical demand was analyzed and the Solar systems sized to ensure all generated energy was consumed directly by each station with little export to the grid. This ensured a high return on investment in addition to reducing the Police Authority’s carbon footprint.

Custom Solar installed 8 systems across 7 sites, totaling 275.76kWp system. This is equivalent to enough energy to power 238,371 electric cars for the year. This solar installation will also reduce carbon emissions by 80 tonnes, which equates to 61 trees planted.


Custom Solar operates and maintains all of the systems across the Lincolnshire Police sites providing live monitoring via our bespoke monitoring solution, full reactive maintenance, and annual scheduled service visits.

Project details

System size
Panel Manufacturer
Number of panels
Inverter Manufacturer
Annual system generation
235,000 KWH
CO2 Savings over 25 years
1270 Tonnes
Completion date
November 2020

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