Operation and Maintenance

We manage the UK's largest Solar PV portfolios

Custom Solar maintain some of the country’s largest Solar PV portfolios for clients such as Associated British Ports, Amazon and Morrisons.

Ensure optimal performance and system longevity by allowing our experienced engineers to care for your investment, with a tailored support package.

Solar Maintenance 

Regular maintenance and servicing reduces preventable system downtime, further ensuring your energy needs are met and cost savings are provided. Although solar panels are coated with self-cleaning glass, depending on your environment, your panels may periodically require professional cleaning to remove heavy soot, bird soiling or other debris. We can also provide grounds maintenance services to ground mounted systems.  

Solar Monitoring 

Our bespoke digital systems can monitor your energy generation remotely. We can view string performance to allow us to identify panels – both groups and individual – that are not performing optimally, ensuring we can book repair work quickly to resolve the issue. 

Service & Repair  

We offer a variety of service packages to keep your solar PV system in optimum working order.  

This can include: 

  • Inverter maintenance or replacement – minimising impact on your generation. 
  • Regular checks to mountings, electronics, fixtures and fittings – keeping your panels secure and your system in safe operation. 

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